Kubernetes 101 - Free Online Course

Learn the basics of Kubernetes

Kubernetes 101 - Free Online Course

What you'll learn

  • What is Kubernetes?
  • How is Kubernetes architected?
  • How to use basic Kubernetes resources?
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  1. Getting Started

  2. 1Kubernetes Introduction
    What is container orchestration and Kubernetes.
  3. 2Prerequisites
    What do I need?
  4. Architecture

  5. 3Kubernetes Architecture
    Building blocks of Kubernetes
  6. Basic Resources

  7. 4Introduction
    Kubernetes Resources
  8. 5Labels and Annotations
    About Labels, Selectors, and Annotations
  9. 6About Pods
    What are Kubernetes Pods?
  10. 7Creating Pods
    How to create Pods
  11. 8About ReplicaSets
    What are ReplicaSets?
  12. 9Creating ReplicaSets
    How to create and use ReplicaSets
  13. 10Deployments
    Creating Kubernetes Deployments
  14. 11Deployment Strategies
    Recreate and RollingUpdate strategies
  15. 12Accessing Pods with Services
    How to use Kubernetes Services
  16. Next Steps

  17. 13Final Words
    Next steps and other learning resources.
Peter Jausovec

Peter Jausovec
Full-Stack Developer

Peter is a software engineer focused on developing distributed systems and cloud-native solutions using Docker, Kubernetes, and Istio. I am an author of multiple books, speaker, and trainer.